If you would like a username and password for the MoHaWK system, please click here to contact us.

  • This is our first attempt at uploading data onto Mohawk. I found the system straightforward and easy to use. What impressed me most was that I was immediately able to see how our service was performing against other services. It was immensely reassuring to see that our performance was more or less in line with that of others. I was able to see where we are apparently performing well, and also, where we aren’t and thus need to improve. The introduction of new indicators allows us the opportunity to modify our practice and ensure we are working to achieve ongoing quality improvement. Overall I think this is a great initiative; it allows OH services to demonstrate the quality of their service to employees, employers, managers and themselves.

  • The information is very informative and helps us see how we are performing against the other Occupational Health Services. It makes me realise that we are performing above average in most areas which is very reassuring. This will also be helpful in justifying our delivery standards to our Organisation and our external contracts.

  • I have found our MoHaWK data report really useful – the process has really made me consider how we need to develop our service and target further work areas.

  • I have just used some of the graphs from MoHaWK in a tender document to demonstrate a number of areas such as consistency of turnaround time and customer satisfaction. It’s already proving useful and we will get more benefit as the system progresses

  • When I was inputting the 2nd round it highlighted a small operational issues about VZV serology which I have already addressed in an audit...... so it's a really valuable tool

  • I enjoyed doing MoHaWK and the data is easy to get from our COHORT system.

  • Our team was being out performed by other teams on meeting the target to see all new referrals within 10 days. I knew that this was because our service level agreement does not allow for this. I have been using the data to make a new business case to the Board to improve this service

  • We didn't do very well on indicator 2b – “the time to issue reports”. Problems with typing have been causing delays. When we looked at the MoHaWK results we all agreed we needed to speed up. We are now typing our own reports and emailing them to managers. The letters are shorter and most arrive the same day. The feedback has been excellent.

  • After the presentation on MoHaWK in July I decided to audit immunisations. Hepatitis B was good but we found lots of gaps in MMR so we changed the way we record it. When the HPA wrote to our Medical Director in November about the Measles outbreak and immunisation rates for staff we were able to give an answer straightaway.

  • We can't meet the ten day target. I don't know how everyone else manages it. We are really stretched. Please can you add something about resources so we can make the case for extra staff.”