Service to different sectors

Contrary to some beliefs, MoHaWK is not just for the NHS; it is an extremely valuable tool for occupational health departments in companies, commercial providers and teams from other areas of the public sector.

Although MoHaWK does have some elements that are healthcare specific, there are many indicators which relate to all occupational health sectors. Indicators are also constantly being developed for future rounds and many of these are applicable to the organisations outside healthcare. Currently indicators that are relevant include:

  • Long term absence case management
  • Back pain
  • Health surveillance
  • Protection of infection – Hepatitis B
  • Experience / Timely intervention
  • Health promotion.

Benefits of MoHaWK for non-NHS occupational health teams and providers include

  • Provision of quality data for use in tenders to demonstrate customer satisfaction and turnaround times
  • Evidence to meet the requirements of SEQOHS to gain accreditation
  • Review elements of practice and drive improvement –
  • Make improvements to internal processes (for example absence management strategy) based on good quality evidence In her review of work and health, Carol Black referred to inconsistent quality and a lack of good quality data. Occupational health, as a medical specialty, needs to show that we are addressing this. Measures to improve quality of occupational health services include periodic audits and accreditation. Regular information sharing and benchmarking complement these measures.

The MoHaWK system

  • Measures clinical outcomes and processes against evidence based standards
  • Easy to use online system
  • Benchmark anonymously against your peers
  • MoHaWK audit tools enable you to convert your results into action to drive continuous improvement

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If your particular sector area has evidence based practice and you would like to consider adding some sector specific areas into MoHaWK, then please contact

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