Getting started

To ‘get started’ your service first has to be registered with the system – Click here to register

Once registered then review the indicators that are relevant to your service and choose which areas you wish to submit data in.

Then look at the data requirements of the chosen indicators and plan methods for data collection – you can do this by looking at the latest briefing note  or by clicking on the information button on the data input screen.

The first time you use the system you may need to review some of your IT systems so that reports are available to get accurate data - if you need help with this please contact us. The major OH IT suppliers (Cohort / Opas) have developed reporting suites to assist you. Some services have developed clinical proformas within their system so that information can be extracted.  If you do not have electronic records you may need audit some clinical records to gain the information. 

Once the data has been collected – you can enter your date into the chosen indicators on the system.

After inputting your data (as per the briefing note), if your service needs to make some improvements for future rounds, then you can get ideas on how you could improve your scores before the next round – by clicking on the little ‘Mo’ Icon to the right side of the results. It is worth seeing if your service has reached the ‘target standard’ which has been assigned to the indicator as a guide as to whether improvements should be made.

Once all the data has been submitted for that Round, then press the ‘sign off’ tab at the bottom of the subject tabs. You can then pull off your own Round report.