Key benefits of using MoHaWK

MoHAWK, the national clinical benchmarking tool supports clinical audit and is invaluable for all occupational health teams, regardless of sector.

MoHaWK enables you to

  • Measure your performance against evidence based indicators
  • Audit the raw data and establish if there are any trends in practice that need improvement.
  • Benchmark against other organisations – there are filters so you can ensure they are from a similar sector or similar size

MoHaWK has many practical benefits. Occupational health managers have told us that they have:

  • Reviewed specific results and then changed their practice to drive improvement – one team had a personal commendation from their Chief Executive
  • Shown that the quality and timeliness of service provision was lower than the national benchmark and then successfully used this to make the case for additional staffing resource
  • Submitted MoHaWK data as evidence for meeting accreditation requirements under SEQOHS
  • Used the figures to highlight excellent turn around times and customer satisfaction to managers and existing customers
  • Used the data in presentations to the Board to demonstrate effectiveness
  • Pulled off professional reports for tender documents to showcase the quality of their services – one manager reported that MoHaWK had helped them win a £300,000 contract

Occupational Health, like other medical specialties, is being asked to demonstrate to senior management that we are collecting good quality data and continually striving to improve the quality of our services. The MoHaWK system provides us with a simple way to benchmark and audit our practice against the evidence base and important measures of occupational health effectiveness. Over a period of time it will enable all of us to raise standards.

MoHaWK – driving up standards of occupational health practice